Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Writing Poem

Yesterday, two amazing 7th graders visited and assisted me in my writing classroom. Their school district had the day off from school and they chose to spend the day with me. We had met as a "writing club"over the summer a few times and I was happy to have them visit.

They really made my day when they presented me with a gift to thank me for spending time with them. Along with a journal, a gorgeous handmade card and a B&N gift card, they presented me with this amazing poem:

If there's one thing that's true about writing
It's the simple fact that it's hard.
To come up with an idea,
And write it down,
And keep persevering
Through ups and through downs
To revise and edit
And edit some more,
It stops being fun 
And ends up a chore.
But if you have a lot of time,
And a natural tendency
To phrase and write and rhyme
And a big old computer
And a whole lot of ink,
This should be enough.
It should, don't you think?
But wait a second,
You can't start just yet,
You need something more - the most important
But the hardest to get.
A mentor to help you
Through bad times and good,
To compliment or critique you
For what you shouldn't do and should,
To recommend resources
To help you on your way...
Thank you, Mrs. Donnelly,
For being this every day.

written by Caitlin
Grade 7, McLean, VA

As I reread this poem, I thought how I am only able to help Caitlin and other students to write because TCRWP became MY MENTOR when I attended my first Writing Institute during the Summer of 2008. In 18 days I'll be back in NYC to attend their October Reunion Saturday and I can't wait to learn even more from the smartest writing teachers ever. 

Thank you, TCRWP,
For being this, my mentor, every day.