Saturday, April 21, 2012

April is National Poetry Month!

This weekend's KidsPost published the winners of their kid's poetry writing contest. And I agree, THEY ARE WINNERS! These poems are great mentor text poems to share with your writers. Click the link and then be sure to read my favorites.

The first poem listed is part poem, part recipe, How to Write A Poem - very clever! Gravity gave me lots to think about. I guess it is a good thing we have it! I loved the point of view that is expressed in Button. Pained is sad but touching. And I was constantly changing the visual picture in my mind as I read Runaway Dog! And all these poems were written by kids!! So inspiring!!

The Washington Post also had an article written by critic, Michael Dirda, about WHY we need to read poetry. I agree with him when he says we need to read poems...

"Not because they’re good for you — which they are — but because they will make you feel good. Poetry also will make you smile, or weep, or remember. You don’t need to analyze symbols or spend hours explicating every line. Just pick up a book of poems". To read his whole article with suggested poems to read, click on the link:

I plan to feel good this month by taking time to read poetry! I hope you do, too!!

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