Monday, July 15, 2013

Worth Reading - Cornelius Minor's reaction to G. Zimmerman Trial

My favorite staff developer at TCRWP is Cornelius Minor.
Sunday he posted to his blog his thoughts about the verdict in the Zimmerman trail.
I am still reflecting on his points which include:

"I work with youth in over five major American cities regularly, and I see this when the students I send to read at Starbucks in Seattle are denied entry… or in DC when I lead students into bookstores and all eyes shift to us… or even in NYC at Columbia when I’m continually carded by campus security because I regularly show up an hour early to enter the building where I teach...Trayvon’s case was inexcusable, though, because the consequence was not limited access to coffee house couches for reading or watching Columbia security admit nine white women without ID only to have them scrutinize every square centimeter of my campus ID card. The consequence for Trayvon was death."

It is worth reading the entire posting:

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