Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Videos to use during Writing Workshop

Twitter really is an amazing form of professional development. I discovered this link yesterday:
The Best Video Clips On The Benefits Of Writing Well — Help Me Find More | Larry Ferlazzo’s W…
I discovered his list of four videos: 1. Denzel tells the boy visiting him in jail that writing is his "sword", more than fists, he uses it to change his world! 2. A blind man's sign is changed to use more precise words which causes those around him to act differently - so moving!! 3. Famous people share how they use writing in their lives. 4. Regular people share how they use writing in their lives. I plan to use these videos he found to motivate my students in Writing Workshop when school starts in September!!
I replied to Larry with videos I learned about at a workshop at Teachers College posted to my blog here: Videos that Inspire Readers/Writers to Keep Going
I am so glad I follow twitter and can connect with such smart educators like Larry!
I very likely will never meet Larry but thanks to twitter posts and blog posts, he is now a go-to resource for me as a teacher!

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