Thursday, January 26, 2012

10 Tips to Help Get Reading Workshop Up and Running

Brianna Friedman-Parlitsis shared the following tips at TCRWP today:

1. Reading Spots - make a visible chart so students know where to read independently and where to partner share. She suggested to have students sit back to back during independent reading and then turn and face each other during partner share. Here are two charts showing kids WHERE to go during Reading Workshop:

2. Set up room BEFORE Reading Workshop begins. Have kids get out their book bags and logs. Have it all out and ready to go. Here's a photo of a READING MAT that keeps readers reading!

3. Reading Logs: Students fill it in EVERYDAY, at school and at home. NON-NEGOTIABLE!
Lower grades like to just make tally marks. They LOVE the slash so they will be motivated to read the 5th  and 10th book!

4. Book Shopping: it is done weekly, by table, all on one day, by variety of levels. Shopping is a skill that will need to be taught - how to find a book, how to return a book, how to be sure it is JR.

5. Timers are needed and graphs to chart number of minutes read.

6. Set a goal. Make it visible:

7. Baggies: be sure to have enough books at a level so a student can fill bag, on average at the lower levels = 8-10 books / bag. 8. The bags can hold tools, too.

9. Keep libraries organized and fluid. They should change as youur units of study change to match the kind of reading you are doing.

10. HAVE FUN!  Reading Workshop is designed to give kids books they want to read. Get them excited so they are sad for Reading Workshop to end.

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