Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Brilliant Idea: Independence in Reading Workshop

I attended a workshop today called Ways to Create and use Reading Exemplars given by TC staff developer, Annie Taranto. She started by reminding us that when we want to raise the level of a student's writing, a student can look at writing in books, observe how the author writers and INDEPENDENTLY work at improving their writing. But HOW do we help students INDEPENDENTLY work on improving their reading??

Anne shared a Post-it idea. Students were shown a RED postit (indicating a red flag - poor thinking.) Then shown a little bit better thinking (orange,,,then yellow). Strong thinking was shown on a GREEN post-it and really strong thinking on a blue post-it.
Students started to look at these Post-its and learn how to make a stronger thought while reading. They became more independent!! A brilliant way to help students be more independent in reading workshop!

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